Headshots - Grand Archive Photography

Selection Weekend 2018

Fun Tips and Facts

- Your photos are gold. Your honorable speakers engaged with your guests. It is a very kind follow-up gesture to share photographs with your speakers doing just that. They are also able to use the images in their own marketing efforts if you choose to share with them. Always let them know if you're okay with them sharing the images on their websites/social media so they don't have to wonder or ask. It's a win-win all around!

- Some images are made to capture a scene, and some photographs tell more than one story. As  you look at your photos, see if you can spot multiple conversations and expressions.

- The slide show button is on! Click play on slide show and kick back.

We always appreciate a shout-out in your social media as well. This allows our own brand and platform to grow! Thank you for choosing Grand Archive Photography.

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